Rico art and illustration


Rico was born in Japan in 1980. She attended Musashino Art University in Tokyo obtaining a BA in Visual Communication Design in 2006. Later she attended Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and received a BA in Fine Arts. She moved to Canada in 2012 and is an active member of the Jasper Artists Guild.

Rico works as an artist and illustrator using an original paper collage technique she created that she calls “HIKARIE”.


“HIKARI” means light and “E ” means picture in Japanese. The piece transforms to a new image when exposed to bright light from behind. She discovered the technique by chance while working with papers in a darkroom in the Netherlands.

Silhouettes produced by layering paper make fantastic images that can be e-mailed by the artist for use as illustrations in posters, booklets and advertisements.

Rico’s luminous images are also available to the collector in the form of prints, cards and original collage.

Award / Exhibition

2004 Author and illustrator of the Children’s book “Sunday,” published by Shinpu-sha, Tokyo
2006 Awarded the Seiichi Suzuki Prize – HB illustration competition
2007 Group exhibition – HB Gallery, Tokyo
2008 Awarded the Kozue Hibino Prize
- 9th Spiral Independent Creators Festival, Tokyo
Solo Exhibition – Dazzle Gallery, Tokyo
2009 Group Exhibition – The World Children’s Art Museum in Okazaki, Aichi
Group Exhibition – Art tower Mito contemporary art gallery
Group Exhibition – What about Japan?, Amsterdam
Solo Exhibition – Bunkamura NADiff modern, Tokyo
2010 Workshop – Art Tower Mito contemporary art gallery
Solo Exhibition – 6jigen,Tokyo
2011 Group Exhibition and Workshop – Spiral,Toyko
Workshop – Mitukoshi, Tokyo
Group Exhibition – Art Tower Mito contemporary art gallery
Solo Exhibition – ENCOUNTER, Tokyo
2012 Group Exhibition, Moribito-ten, Tokyo
Workshop, Yamagata